daddy's gone

a few days ago we harvested our bull, tony and another one of our cows, herfy. it was kind of an intense day. it all started at 6am, when we woke up to harvest some veggies. i left at 7 to go pick up some donuts, mmm. came back to tom, the butcher. he harvested tony first, i didn't watch. but i did see the beginnings of his head being cut off. it was pretty intense. then i went in to finish making breakfast and i cut my finger. it wasn't too bad, but i lost a good amount of blood and almost fainted. don't worry i am fine now.
so, after i recovered from my injury and finished b. fast, i watched the harvesting of herfy. i have never experienced anything like that. he was visibly scared, he knew something was wrong. tom is really good at what he does and shot herfy between the eyes, about an inch up. the second the bullet hit him he was down. boom. it was surprisingly loud. then for about 7 seconds, while the energy left his body, he shook. it was a dramatic experience. one that i am glad i had.
i am in fort collins this afternoon, having fun with my roommate. we are going to the co-op now to get rice dream bars. mmmm.
i wish you were here.

post script: emily, call me 970 461 0272 and leave me yo numba.


new beginnings

i don't know about you, but the weather here is beautiful. i got a little sunburned yesterday, but today i was religous about putting on some sunscreen. it's so sunny and a little breezy every once in a while.
our first share pick up is one friday. for those of you who don't know, we are a csa(community supported agriculture). look around in your area and be a part of one. they are great and keep small farms afloat. anyway, we've been busy weeding and planting and weeding a little more. it's been fun though. i remember being in my mom's garden back in the day and hating weeding, but it isn't so bad. especially if we sing songs.
i guess not a lot is happening here. we've been super busy and are only going to get busier.

send me your prayers and maybe some money.

i love you all and hope i can be better at it.