was peaceful this year.
i was worried, i am not one to enjoy emotional outbreaks, it's not something i force upon myself. i was scared that this christmas would be an overly, though most likely healthy, emotional day. i think i also felt like it had to be, there was not way to get around it. but, it was not. and i don't think that is a bad thing. we all cried a little when my mom read the card she received from her mother-in-law, my dad's mom. but it felt okay to not cry too, but to celebrate being with each other.
don't get me wrong, it is hard and sad without my dad. he had a strange way of interacting with people, with us. and it felt weird without those strange interactions and funny dad jokes. i think that in my head, this was a hurdle i had to get over. it has been 8 months without him. almost 9 and it is weird not having a dad.
when i was younger i needed my mom more than my dad, consciously. now, though i still need a mom, i find myself thinking more and more, "i'll call dad and ask him". he knew about buying houses and money and loans and cars and directions and grown up things. as much as we had our differences i miss him, and not only because he could give me directions to anywhere in colorado. i miss my dad.
i will still miss him next christmas, but i know it will be different.
hope you had a peaceful holiday also.
oh and, we officially started a tradition.
happy merry christmas.


i hate studying

Benzypenicillin : Penicillin G
Procaine Pen G and Benathine Pen G: Combi-pen
Potassium Benzylpenicillin: K Pen G
Ampicillin Trihydrate: Polyflex
Ampicillin Sodium: Omnipen
Potassium Hetacillin: Hetacin-K
Amoxicillin Trihydrate: Amoxi-Drops, Robamox
Amoxicillin Trihydrate and Clavulanate K: Clavamox
Streptomycin;Dihydrostreptomycin: Pen-Strep
Dihydrostreptomycin and Procaine Pen G: Combiotic
Amikacin Sulfate: Amiglyde-V
Gentamicin Sulfate: Gentocin
Kanamycin Sulfate: Kantrim, Kantrex
Neomycin Sulfate: Biosol
Tetracycline HCl : Achromycin, Panmycin
Oxytretacycline HCl: Terramycin,Oxy-Vet 100
Chlortetracycline HCl : Aureomycin
Doxycycline : Vibramycin
Cefadroxil Monohydrate: Cefa-Tabs
Cefazolin Sodium : Kefzol
Cephalexin: Keflex
Cephalothin: Keflin
Enrofloxacin: Baytril
Orbifloxacin : Orbax
Ciprofloxacin: Cipro
Marbofloxacin: Zeniquin
Erythromycin: Erythrocin
Tylosin: Tylan
Bacitracin, Polymixin B, Neomycin: Neo-Bacimyx, Tri-Thalmic, Neosporin
Chloramphenicol : Chlormycetin, Chlormycetin Na Succinate
Griseofulvin : Fulvicin
Ketconazole : Nizoral
Amphotericin B: Fungizone
Thiabendazole, Dexamthazone, Neomycin: Tresaderm
Mycostatin: Nystatin
Miconazole: Conofite
Nystatin, Neomycin, Thiostrepton, Tramcinolone Acetonide: Panalog
Sulfadimethoxine : Bactrovet, Albon
Sulfasalazine: Azulfadine
Silver Sulfadine Cream: Silvadene, Thermazine
Sulfadimethoxine and Ormetopri: Primor
Sulfadiazine and Trimethoprim: Tribressen, Di-Trim
Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim: Bactrim
Metronidazole: Flagyl
Acetylpromazine: Acepromazine, Promace
Chlorpromazine: Thorazine
Trimeprazine: Temaril
Promazine: Sparine
Droperidol: Innovar-Vet
Azaperone: Stresnil
Diazepam: Valium
Midazolam: Versed
Zolazepam and Tiletamine: Telazol
Phenytoin: Dilantin
Mephobarbital: Mebarol
Mephobarbital and Phenytoin: Mebrain- V
Pentobarbital: Euthanasia 5, Fatal Plus
Thiopental Sodium: Pentothal
Metho-hexital: Surrital
Doxapram HCl :Dopram-V
Bethanechol CHl: Urecholine
Atropine Sulfate: Atropine
Glycopyrrolate: Robinul-V
Aminopentamide: Centrine
Epinephrine: Adrenalin
Norepinephrine: Levophed
Isoproterenol: Isuprel
Dopamine: Intropin
Phenylephrine: Neosynephine
Propranolol: Inderal
Dioctyl Sodium Succinate: Colace
Dioctyl Calcium Sulfosuccinate: Surfak
Vasopressin: Pitrissen
Prochloperazine: Compazine
Diphenoxalate and Atropine: Lomotil
Cimetidine: Tagament
Ranitidine: Zantac
Pancrealipsae: Viokase-V
Dexamethazone: Dexate, Azium
Dexamethazone Sodium Phosphate: Decadrom, Dexate SP
Betamethazone: Celestone
Betamethazone SP and Betamethazone Acetate: Betavet, Soluspan
Betamethazone Diropionate and Betamethazone SP: Betasone
Methylprednisolone: Medrol
Methylprednisolone Acetate :Depo-Medrol
Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate: Solu-Delta Cortef
Triamcinolone Acetonide: Vetalog
Phenylbutazone: Butazolidin
Acetylsalicylic Acid: Aspirin
Acetylsalicylic Acid and Aluminum Mg Hydroxide: Ascriptin
Acetaminophen: Tylenol
Dimethysulfoxide: DoMoSo
Carprofen: Rimadyl
Etodolac: Etogesic
Deracoxib: Deramaxx
Tepoxalin: Zubrin
Flunixin Meglumine: Banamine
Meloxicam: Metacam
Meperidine HCl: Demerol
Oxymorphone: Numorphan
Butorphanol: Torbugesic, Torbutol
Buprenorphine: Buprenex
Hydromorphone :Dilaudid
Fentanyl : Sublimaze
Naloxone: Narcan
Etorphine :M99
Furosemide: Lasix
Mannitol : Osmitrol


it's been awhile

the girls and i had a photo shoot. they were slightly uncooperative.
but they sure are cute:

i brushed their teeth today and lola is most definitely teething. it looks so painful!

and i don't think i've updated since halloween. if was a fun night of opening the door to trick or treaters (too many of them not dressed up!) and dancing at a friend/neighbors.

i am a firefighter, with an extinguisher that worked!, regan is a "sexy pirate" again.


a small dose of comic relief

with moves like this who cares who wins!


pumpkin carving party

so we had our 3rd annual pumpkin carving party last weekend. it was really fun.
here's my pumpkin:

and here's regan's:



warmth for the first snow

they say it is supposed to snow tonight. well, don't worry we are ready with our new, warm pellet stove.

hopefully, we will stay warm this winter. last winter we wore our down jacket while in the house...not fun.
our annual pumpkin carving party is this weekend. we are excited. plus, we are almost to mid terms in school, then thanksgiving break and finals and christmas!!! so excited.

enjoy your cool weather, i hope you have somewhere warm to go.


vail weekend

we went to vail this weekend. it was so nice and relaxing. it is the peak season for the colors changing and it was gorgeous.

we went on a 3 hour bike ride. it was so fun, but i was tired.

we had to leave the dogs in denver. Niña stayed with regan's boss. but she ran away to home. ugh. luckily someone found her and called me. Lola stayed with a friend and she said lola was a perfect house guest, minus peeing on my friends bed! oops!

school starts today, so i am trying to get psyched for my 5 o'clock class. it isn't working, so far. vacation is just too fun!


couple funny things

september 19th was talk like a pirate day, hope everyone participated. regan and i did, regan more than myself.

also, i cut all my hairs off. kind of.


lots of changes

first off, no one stole our movie. we just got baby mama and it is cute.
we did end up going to jackson hole and had so much fun. we went on hikes and went camping and swimming and boating. it
was very relaxing and we had some good conversations.

and also we DID get the puppy i wanted. we haven't named her, so please give me ideas. i am thinking lola.

not sure if Niña likes her, we'll see.


oh me oh my

it has been a busy month.
last month we went to beautiful south dakota for a wedding. it was really nice to leave for a long weekend, plus it was gorgeous, i am so mad we didn't take any pictures!
i just took a final and i have another one in a couple hours, then one tomorrow and I AM DONE for 2 1/2 weeks. yeah! at this point i don't even care about studying, i just want to be done.
after changing our minds 4 times we decided (i think) on going to jackson hole, wy for my break. we love it there and have really wonderful friends there. it won't be warm, which is slightly sad, but we are stopping at some hot springs, somewhere. i am excited.
we've been toying with the idea of buying our house and getting a new puppy, specifically a catahoula. i am not counting on either. the house is in such bad shape it would have to be dirt cheap to make it worth it and i am the ONLY one excited about a new puppy. sad. 
regan did a tri last weekend. it was to raise money for the non-profit/charity of your choice. he did okay.

oh, and i put our netflix movie out in the mail and i think someone stole it. 


new tradition

our new tradition just arrived in the mail: Joyeux Noel.
so now, no matter where we are at christmas eve, we will watch this.

in other news. school's almost out for the fall break! ah, sigh of relief. we are planning on going to nicaragua for the two weeks. so far, it is going good. i am just so ready to be DONE! i did get see a surgery on a perianal hernia. 

pretty cool. we also had our vaccine clinic and it was very empowering. 

since i am boring myself i will quit now. 


why is it so hot?


jesus for president

has anyone read this book?

i did.

the authors are coming into town. if you want to see them, or me:

July 7th, 2008
Trinity UMC
1820 Broadway
Denver, CO 80202

All events begin at 7pm.
All events are open to all people -- for there is neither Jew nor Greek,
male nor female, Republican nor Democrat.
All events are open to people of all faiths or no faith at all.
And all events are FREE.
As the early Christians said, “The Gospel which was freely given should never be sold.”
However, you may want to be early.


Regan's first triathlon

so, regan ran his first tri last weekend in greeley. he did amazingly well. he got first place in his age group, 20-24 and 18th place overall out of 207 people plus, some relayers. i am so proud, he trains really hard, so it's fun to see him do so well.

here are some pictures, i documented the whole morning.

in other news, finals are this week and i am really not looking forward to them, i would rather watch newport beach, how sad is that?
oh, and i got a $4731 grant for school this year. yeah! i don't have to pay that back, right?


study study run study

i swear, all i do is study. ugh. i am really sick of learning about mold and bacteria and viruses. i think someday i will be happy that i did, but right now, i am ready for my break.
regan ran a marathon relay a couple weekends ago. he did SO good. here is a great picture of him.

my mom is having a garage sale this weekend, i am excited about that. i like those things.

oh, the people yelling outside of my bedroom window just reminded me: the other day jerry (one of our homeless neighbors) invited himself to dinner. haha. it is humerus, among other things. he insisted i look him up on the internet, unfortunately he was nowhere to be found on the world wide web. then he told us his life story, including lying about his age twice and just being dramatic. Niña growled at him the whole time, that too was a bit funny. until he said he was going to shoot her, not funny then. i scolded him. it may be stereotypical, but i must say, at least about jerry, that i don't think he would be as good a homeless guy if he wasn't such a drama queen. by the way, he is homeless by choice, at least that's what he said. but there really is soooo much drama with all of the people who hang out between 38th and 37th and lipan and mariposa. anyway...jerry.

i am tired and itching to get away. regan wants to go to nicaragua this september to build a generator that runs on palm oil for a school that uses a generator that runs on diesel, but cannot afford diesel. that sounds fun. a romantic getaway for regan, myself and kirby. anyone else want to come?



i am happy it is may. that means only a month and a half left of microbiology. yes!!
but, one would think may would bring sunshine, days to work in the garden, longs walks with nins in the park, or...this:

ugh, snow! and a lot of it.



it is finals week, or three days or in my case, two days. anyway, i have finals. i haven't really studied either and all i want to do is stuff i shouldn't. plus, i have a killer headache and it is supposed to be 60 degrees and it's not. i just want these dumb tests to be over.
on a happier note, reg and i went to boulder on sunday to see over the rhine and bodeans, who were great. it was a taping for the radio show e town. so the bands would play a few songs and then do a little interview and then an author would come out...it was really fun.
the author was doug fine, he wrote 'farewell, my subaru'. the book sounds interesting.
also, watched brother's keeper the other night and cried a lot, bit i loved it. especially john. we also watched dan in real life and i hated it, regan did too. stupid movie.
oh yeah, my birthday is coming up , what are you going to get me?


the elderly

i have been thinking about old people a lot lately. on thursday, in class, we talked about euthanasia for 2 hours, ugh. not euthanasia of the elderly, mind you, but of animals. a tiny bit depressing. but in the midst, we talked about older people losing their pets. we did an exercise where we wrote down 5 things that were important to us: regan, family, nina, friends, school. then we were asked to get rid of one: school. then our neighbor was told to get rid of one for us, my neighbor took regan, ugh. anyway, point being: sometimes, the only one left in an older persons "5" is their pet. when they lose an animal, it may have been the only thing they have. depressing. then, today it was like old people's day out. THEN regan came home and told me extremely endearing and hilarious stories of the people he is working with at the nursing home. ohmygoodness, a women tried to grab regan's privates. hahahahaha. okay, old peeps. gotta love 'em,



pretty days

we are anxiously awaiting spring. today we planted about 70 gladiola bulbs and we played outside for a bit.
we wanted to go climbing outside, but nobody responded to our requests.
we had another Lyme treatment. Regan got real bad last week and I was so exhausted. I feel better now and I guess we look better, on paper. we are also taking a pill called Proteka, it's got water, grain alcohol, stone root, oregon grape root, pau d' arco bark, saw palmetto berry, wintergreen leaf, L-aspartic acid, wormseed, L-glutamic acid, wahoo root bark, male fern, wormwood, oregano, yarrow flower, motherwort, birdseye pepper pod, olive leaf, black malva flower, L-lysine and the capsules have stone root, oregon grape root, pau d' arco bark, saw palmetto berry, wintergreen leaf, L-aspartic acid, wormseed, L-glutamic acid, wahoo root bark, male fern, wormwood, oregano, yarrow flower, motherwort, birdseye pepper pod, olive leaf, cellulase, black malva flower, L-lysine. whoa.
we are planning our trip to montana, but it keeps getting pushed back.
some pictures for your spring time dreaming heart.
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5170622990411029122" />

our pretty compost pile. mmm, it smells so good.


it was warm!

it was warm yesterday. and today. i am so happy. though it is supposed to get cold this weekend.
we went climbing, outside, yesterday. it was really nice to not be in a gym. it was gorgeous and so fun, we were so tired we went to bed without watching lost online. pretty crazy.
we also went for lyme therapy on saturday. we spent 4 longs hours there, but i guess we both looked a lot better. then we went to the flea market, where we basically spent 10 dollars on corn and saw a lot of crap.
then we went to the du/minnesota hockey game. ohmygoodness, it was so fun!!



so many things going on.
first off, i am sick. it is miserable. it's not just a cold, but i think it's just a cold, if that makes sense. i was in bed all weekend and missed a class on monday and work today. ugh. i am taking a lot of hot baths with epsom salt and drinking a lot of naked juice and taking a lot of airborne. i've also been watching a lot of lost online, regan's been helping with this one!
regan's been training a ton for his race next fall. he's crazy. today he climbed and ran, yesterday he ran in a snow storm, he's been swimming. i wish i could join him, but i don't feel good and i think i would weigh him down. i am proud of him though.
he also started school on monday for his CNA. he's gotten A's on 3 quizzes.
my quarter is almost over, yay! it feels so good to get them done. i think i am going to start volunteering at DDFL . it's not my first choice, but it is so close to school and i can go in between classes. plus, it will be good experience "working" at a non-profit.
okay, on to more exciting things: we recently found out regan has Lyme Disease. it is good because now we feel like we have an answer to why he is always in so much pain and why he is always so tired. oh, and it is transmitted sexually. sweet. i was also tested and have the virus, but am asyptomatic, for now.

last but not least: a picture from school.


4 weeks in

since school started i have been busy studying, but luckily i have learned the trick of time management. i have time to do fun things too. now, i am happy.
we've been climbing and bouldering a bit and that's fun. it is in a gym, but we enjoy it anyway.
we also went to the stock show rodeo last weekend, oh my goodness, it was fun. but, it was also eerily patriotic, i don't know why i didn't expect it, but it caught me off guard.

regan has also found some time to ride his bicycle. i like his spandex.

oh, but i only have 5 weeks left of this quarter, isn't that crazy?



to the left you will see a picture of regan at our white elephant, christmas, happy graduation party. people brought really cool things, like a bicycle helmet and a guitar and maracas from peru.
i made it through my first christmas with the in-laws. it was different, very busy. i am looking forward to a low-key christmas next year.
i cannot believe it is a new year and i start school in a couple days and i woke up at 540am to work this morning and i'm tired.
we are going snowshoeing tomorrow, hopefully up to a cabin, if the roads aren't closed.
i got a duvet cover for christmas, i was just admiring it. pretty.
it is amazing to me how exciting my life actually is.