vail weekend

we went to vail this weekend. it was so nice and relaxing. it is the peak season for the colors changing and it was gorgeous.

we went on a 3 hour bike ride. it was so fun, but i was tired.

we had to leave the dogs in denver. Niña stayed with regan's boss. but she ran away to home. ugh. luckily someone found her and called me. Lola stayed with a friend and she said lola was a perfect house guest, minus peeing on my friends bed! oops!

school starts today, so i am trying to get psyched for my 5 o'clock class. it isn't working, so far. vacation is just too fun!


couple funny things

september 19th was talk like a pirate day, hope everyone participated. regan and i did, regan more than myself.

also, i cut all my hairs off. kind of.


lots of changes

first off, no one stole our movie. we just got baby mama and it is cute.
we did end up going to jackson hole and had so much fun. we went on hikes and went camping and swimming and boating. it
was very relaxing and we had some good conversations.

and also we DID get the puppy i wanted. we haven't named her, so please give me ideas. i am thinking lola.

not sure if Niña likes her, we'll see.


oh me oh my

it has been a busy month.
last month we went to beautiful south dakota for a wedding. it was really nice to leave for a long weekend, plus it was gorgeous, i am so mad we didn't take any pictures!
i just took a final and i have another one in a couple hours, then one tomorrow and I AM DONE for 2 1/2 weeks. yeah! at this point i don't even care about studying, i just want to be done.
after changing our minds 4 times we decided (i think) on going to jackson hole, wy for my break. we love it there and have really wonderful friends there. it won't be warm, which is slightly sad, but we are stopping at some hot springs, somewhere. i am excited.
we've been toying with the idea of buying our house and getting a new puppy, specifically a catahoula. i am not counting on either. the house is in such bad shape it would have to be dirt cheap to make it worth it and i am the ONLY one excited about a new puppy. sad. 
regan did a tri last weekend. it was to raise money for the non-profit/charity of your choice. he did okay.

oh, and i put our netflix movie out in the mail and i think someone stole it.