cranky is a friend of mine

thanksgiving is over. but there is a ton of food in my fridge and although it was all really good to begin with, none of it is appealling to me now.
surprisingly enough, i had a really nice holiday. thanksgiving happens to be my least favorite of all the days we remember, celebrate, party. my parents are real big on inviting everyone we know who doesn't have a place to go. so, jeff, dinah and dell all came over for some football(weird) and food and of course, good company. it was nice.
unfortunately, the holiday didn't bring me any clarity. if anything it brought me more confusion. i seem to be running back and forth between, at least, two things. so, not only am i still perplexed, but i am tired from all that running. i need a long nap and some enlightenment.
don't be strangers.


working woman

i've officially been off the farm for 9 days. whoa. that sounds a lot longer than it feels.
i found a job(yay!) and so far, i like it. it isn't my dream job and i don't make great money, but i am learning a lot and meeting some people my age.
the move was way harder than i thought it would be, i am still working through that. those of you on the east coast may see me sooner than you thought(don't hold your breath, though). i know i owe a lot of you letters and i have some that i need to send out. give me some time and some understanding.
please, be gentle with each other.



done as a doornail

my last day on the farm was monday. it is both exciting and terrifying.
i am scared about entering the real world: work, transportation, friends. all of which i have none as of yet.
to be honest, i wonder if staying in denver was a bad choice. though, while making the choice i didn't think there could be a right or wrong. maybe i was wrong, there is a first time for everything.
so far i have no concrete job(depressing) or transportation(i left my bike in loveland: also depressing), or many friends(except buster). sweet.
so, i am a little depressed. please, send me your love!! your prayers and thoughts are also greatly, greatly appreciated.
i am at my parents temporarily
7241 south sherman street
centennial, co 80122

303 738 8676

love love love.