merry christmas

regan and i were just talking about how it´s so strange that there is so much preparation for christmas day and it is over in 24 hours. i hope your 24 hours were wonderful.
since everything was closed here, we hung out in the cabin watching movies, eating food, playing with our new puppy, milagros, having a water fight. it was great, but not like christmas.
we are heading up to the mountains again today. we´ll probably be gone for about 5 days. we are going to los alerces, which is supposed to be one the highlights here. i am excited, except that it is rainy and i just want to lay in bed...
late last night we were cooking for the week . while we were waiting for the water to boil i was finishing off the stuffing that we made for christmas. i was eating out of a huge pot, meanwhile regan was on the kitchen floor doing push-ups. haaa. i thought that was a pretty good description of us, me eating, regan working out.
oh, and our puppy. while we were in el bolson we stopped at a feria. someone had dropped off a box of about5 puppies. regan begged for one and i said it was a bad idea. but we decided the puppy would die in the park, so we took one in hopes to find a home for her. now, regan is up at least once a night taking mila out to pee. she´s sweet and ornery. the ve t sai she was some sort of a german shepherd mut. maybe you all will get to meet her in 5 months!
i finally talked regan into getting a website for our pictures. we are having a hard time getting the pictures from the camera to the computer. it is so slow, but we hae about 30 pictures posted. the website url is: libbyandregan.shutterfly.com
love you all


hielo azul

we just returned to el bolson from 4 days of camping, hiking, laughing. we went with two friends we met here and it was so nice. it was nice to see someone elses face other than regan´s.
it rained the first day, we arrived at the refugio soaking wet. we decided to warm by the fire for another day, but when we left the next day it was snowing. it was actually quite magical...walking in the forest, watching the snow, it reminded me of being a kid.
the next refugio was beautiful. they had a garden and sheep and horses. it was so fun. about 10 minutes from the refugio on the hike there is a huge canyon, with a raging river of the most amazing blue water. i wish i could explain this water to you. oh, it was incredible.
not sure where to next. we are probably going to celebrate christmas with our new friends, somewhere.
hope the holidays are wonderfully celebratory for you.
miss you love you


el bolson

i don´t even remember three days ago when i posted last.
we have been in el bolson for three days and have one more night. we are staying in the woods in a cute little house that holds about 8 people. we are just about full to capacity right now. it is cold and wet, but it is beatiful. it snowed in the mountains last night. what happened to summer? tomorrow we leave for another hike, we will be gone for about 4 days and then back to spend christmas, hopefully by some phones so we can at least talk to the fam.
regan lost his atm card, through that we´ve realized that we have a lot less money than we assumed. so now starts our budget. this means no more ice cream and lots more camping. we are also hoping to find a farm soon...
stop reading my blog entries and come and visit.
love to you all.


laguna ilon

we just got back from national park trenador. we hiked up to (basically) the base of an incredible glacier. it was huge and fell continuously so it sounded like thunder. the hike wasn´t horrible, but we couldn´t tell where the refugio was until we were right up to it. we kept thinking, "how long is this hike?" it was pretty funny when we saw the refugio.
we stayed up there for a night and then hiked down to do another hike to a lake, but we got miserably lost. we ended up on these narrow horse trails, muddy and exhausted. the nest day we tried again and it was well worth it. we hiked up to laguna ilon. it was so beautiful. we camped on the beach, jumped into the freezing water(regan was scared to), made a raft, killed a lot of deer flies.
the hike up to laguna ilon was intense the first part was straight up a mountain. no switchbacks. but halfway through the hike we got to a forest. it was so pretty. and peaceful. the funny thing was in orfer to find the trail we had to follow this group who had a guide(there were no signs marking the trail at all). once the trail was easy to follow, about every 20m there was a sign. ha, thanks.
now we are back in bariloche, staying at a friends house. we are going to eat tacos tonight and have a nintendo competition. sweet.
love to you all.


6 days later

i cannot believe it is already december! no white christmas for us unfortnately.
we just got home from a 2 day hike-turned to a 5 day hike. it was incredible. we hiked through a beautiful forest with a raging river, that i almost fell into. there were gorgeous waterfalls, pretty little birds, amazing sunrises. it was by far the prettiest and sketchiest hikes i´ve been on. we spent two full days on the beautiful lago negra, i just can´t explain the beauty.
i wish i could recap all of the hilarious things that happened, but that would mean i would have to bring a tape recorder. i do have one funny story, but it is a little gross, so brace yourself.
the last hike we did, we had stopped at the second refugio, jakob. regan had been there about a week earlier, when the bathrooms weren´t in service. this was fine for me, i didn´t even think they would have bathrooms!
we had just finished lunch and i had to go to the bathroom SO bad. it was an emergency. i coulsn´t even wait to clean up! i ran to the nearest rock, i couldn´t even make it far enough to get away from people who would be weird enough to want to see me poo(i don´t think anyone did). i was just about to finish and regan comes running out of the refugio, laughing. he sees me and the amount that i pooed and loses it even more. through his laughs and tears he tells me the bathrooms are working. ha, funny. he had been talking to the man who worked there and the man said the bathrooms were working, all regan said was shoot and ran out of there. everyone was laughing. hahahaha, so funny.
love you all.


off again

we are about bored in town now, so we are off the mountains tomorrow morning.
i am not sure where to, regan takes charge of that, surprised? but, i think we will only be gone for about two days this time.
there aren't any exciting stories yet...we've literally been sitting around.
we went climbing two days ago. it was pretty easy, regan wouldn't let me do any of the hard ones, but i learned alot.
the man who owns the bungalows we are staying at let us use his dirt bike to get around town, that has been so nice...regan loves it.
i promise more stories soon, and pictures!
all of my loves and misses