winter waitingland

i used my hot glue gun today. oh boy was it fun.
today regan and i had plans to go swimming, but his friend, brian, called and told us he has reservations at a very expensive restaurant in the foothills for tonight and couldn't make them. he said that he wanted to treat us to dinner. we excepted, regan more forwardly than i, and had a wonderful dinner from a wonderful friend at a restaurant we would have never been able to afford. so nice. i hope everyone has friends like brian.
today i feel in a state of waiting. yesterday too. i am not sure if it's bad, but i think that if one is to ever be in a state of waiting this is the best time.
i am also really cold. burr.
i miss my east coast life.
i don't like denver anymore. sometimes.


merry christmas new jersey

this is crazy:
Lawmakers in the US state of New Jersey have approved a bill abolishing the death penalty.
The move would make New Jersey the first US state to abolish capital punishment since the US Supreme Court reinstated executions in 1976.
i feel like this is a huge step in the right direction. this makes me unbelievably happy. good for you peeps.

in other news:
it's supposed to get to 5 below tonight. burr. and we were going to zoo lights. maybe not anymore.

regan and i had our 1 year anniversary on tuesday. regan surprised me with tickets to disney on ice, princess wishes. it was hilarious and really fun. he didn't realize it was princess wishes until after the tickets were bought. needless to say, we both felt like princesses that night.



it is now the weekend before finals week. it is very interesting to me that i never really cared about school and now...let's just say i care. i really don't have anything to worry about as far as passing my classes. my worry is in my gpa. in order to go out of state for internship we must have a certain gpa. now, i am well above it, but in 3 quarters? we'll see. oh, i am thinking about an internship at a teaching university in oregon.
i guess i should go study.


it's done!

i am very excited that we finally are done with this process of conversion. we've been waiting for our stop sign tank for over 3 weeks. it feels good to drive to my *far away* school and not feel so guilty.

don't the controls look like james bond or something. this picture isn't great, so just trust me. regan put in an alarm so if either of us turn the car off with veggie on it will sound and help us to remember. it is really loud, so i think i'll remember just because i would be so embarrassed if it went off. nice touch reg.

now regan wants to tint the windows and put a decal on the back windshield that says something to the effect of "fueled by veggies". i laugh.


thanksgiving pictures

i am so sad that none of the pictures of the pies turned out. but here are some of me and my crazy family.


i never know what to title these things.

we just made egg nog. i am a little worried, but i think it should be okay.

on our way home from getting our egg nog supplies we stopped at a store near our house. i think it's called Tonilla. it's about 3 people who decided they wanted to open up a shop(2 blocks from our house) for independent local and national artists to sell their art. they also sell their own stuff, mostly clothes with social commentary screen printed on it. we loved the shop. they also have an art gallery and a small stage and they are wanting to open up a coffee/study space.
we liked talking to them a lot and are excited that we are so close to them.

are there any nice boys in denver that regan would like? i feel so bad for him(he would hate it if he knew i was saying that). he just doesn't have any good friends. i think it might be my fault. nobody wants to hang out with the married guy. everyone makes comments about how once you're married you never hang out, but i didn't know it was because no one wants to hang out with you anymore. it makes me more mad than anything. i know regan is so loyal to these people and they are far from worthy.



merry thanksgiving.
i hope everyone felt thankful today. we spent the day with my parents and a lot of our greatest friends and it was fun. we had delicious food and dessert. i baked an apple pie, a pumpkin pie and 12 mini pumpkin pies. it was really fun. i referred to martha a great deal. yum! we'll be posting pictures soon of the pretty food.
we also put up christmas lights. i am SO excited. i don't remember ever having these as a kid, so now i get to experience them. yay! they look great and it makes me so happy.
now we're going to get warm in bed and watch the illutionist. we lead an extremely exciting life.


winter wonderland

it started snowing last night. we went on a hike in the snow and it was fun...


people who cry at movies

we watched ground truth last night. i cried a lot.


why are all my posts about niña?

niña had an allergic reaction last night to some unknown substance. her mouth is swollen and she's been vomiting a lot. here a picture, it's not too great, but you get the idea. so sad.
regan and i had a nice date last night. we had a delicious dinner and then went and saw the bourne ultimatum at the dollar theater, thank goodness for those places, huh? i really like all the bourne movies.
next week is thanksgiving. what's everyone doing?


give all your things away

except for your hiking gear...

anyone want a 4 month vacation? is it already monday?


bath time

i had to give nina a bath, because when we take her to the dog park she immediately gets on her back, so unlady-like. she was crazy dirty.
we went to warren miller's new film last night.
that was neat.
anyway, wanted to share cute pictures of ninners.



isn't niña the cutest in the world. oh how i love her.
regan got hurt today, so we spent the day calling doctors and getting prescriptions filled and driving around trying to get some relief for him.
i missed school today, which i am not too upset about, hopefully, my grades won't reflect a day missed. regan makes fun of me b/c i am the kid who has to sit in the front row and hates missing a day and won't settle for anything less than an a. it's kind of silly.
regan's parents bought us a tempur-pedic bed yesterday. they've been spoiling us lately.

happy halloween!


at long last

oh my goodness. i'm bad at this. i'll get better once regan and i have our very own computer and internet.
we made it back safe and sound from the east and iowa. we have had two wedding parties(thank god those are over). we found jobs and started school and found a wonderful new friend named niña. she is the love of our lives. pictures are promised as soon as we enter the 21st century...



we made it east after a couple days in iowa and a couple days in chicago. it was a long drive, 4 of us in the truck for 14 hours. we all slept pretty good the day we got in. it's been somewhat cold here, i am dreaming of warm summer weather.
we are heading to nyc(regan's never been) tomorrow. then back to iowa. and finally home...we found a house, though no jobs yet. we love our house and are excited to move in and be settled in the states.
we'll send out the address when i remember it.
new numbers:
regan 303 8888552
libby 303 8882420



fun fun fun

here are some pictures of our fun times on the beach.

plus, i am adding more pictures today!


friends, surf, sea lions

we are still at the beach, enjoying the mostly sunny days. our friends, who just climbed aconcagua(i tried to include a picture), sonny and bryce, are here to visit us and relax a little. it has been fun having the company. they will be leaving in a few days, though.
the boys rented surf boards yesterday, but the waves were so bad they we only in the water for about 1 hour. nobody surfed. it was really funny to watch though!
the other day we went to a port in mar del plata and saw where all of the sea lions rest. it smelled horrible. gagging horrible, but it was so fun to see them all lying around. they are so strange and interesting. and they make really funny noises. we got about 2 feet from them, guarded by a fence, because they are a bit dangerous.
we miss you all dearly.


you are the proud parents:

of a f250, turbo diesel, veggie oil truck.

regan has been following this truck for about 2 weeks now and has loved it since the first day he saw it on craigslist.
the truck went for auction on ebay and regan won for $2600 less than the asking price on craigslist. i will try to put pictures up here.
hopefully, we will be seeing you all soon, after we return, FOR FREE. check out vegetable oil online if you don´t know why we´ll be driving for free.

love you


address number 2

the new pictures are up on shutterfly. there aren´t many, it goes so slow and the best ones aren´t up, but we make due.

also, we found out we have to be out of the apartment by the 1st of march, so no letters after the 15th of february, just to be safe.

after that we are unsure where we will be...maybe visiting some friends in buenos aires.

we are busy nursing our sunburns, but soon we´ll be back in the waves, having fun in the sun.




our address for at least 3 weeks

santa clara del mar
acapulco 329
cod 7609
partido mar chiquita
pcia bs as


santa clara

we made it to the beach! we got to mar del plata and julio picked us up from the bus station. we went back to his house and realized that him finding us a house for 500 pesos was wishful thinking. mar del plata is HUGE and expensive. we stayed for two days and looked for a house, but nothing came up. while we were there though, we hung out with julio and andrea and their great kids lele and baba(nicknames). they practiced their english and i my spanish. they were so great. made us dinner, let us do laundry and camp in their yard. we used their shower and internet.
we decided to move on though, about 15 km north to santa clara. it is much smaller and a bit cheaper. we spent our first day looking for places to live. and finally, by chance, we found an apartment 3 blocks from the beach. it is small, but nice and from the back balcony we can see the ocean!!
the next day we spent on the beach. now we are both red. regan more than i. plus, he is a little sick:( so we are taking a break from the fun in the sun and seeing a movie today.
miss you love you
oh, and we have an address, but i forgot to bring it. keep your eyes out and write your letters.


cabanas del arroyo

we went to the beach, for a day. it was really nice and warm and we swam...the water was absolutely disgusting, so we didnt stay long, but it was fun watching all of the little kids run around. regan happened to leave his bathing suit in bariloche, so he hung out at the beach in his underwear. if you dont know regan he wears bikini style underwear and let me tell you it is a sight to see. everyone on the beach was laughing and pointing and whistling, it was then i realized that my life would be like this now, everyone whistling at my husband. sweet.
we left the beach to pick up the things we left in esquel and bariloche. we arrived in bariloche and called the cabanas that we had stayed in before. they were full, but felt bad so they let us stay in their house, free, as a gift. we hung out with our friend seth and now are heading back to the beach, mar del plata.
the man at the cabanas knows someone who builds houses there and he said he could find us a house for about 500 pesos a month and regan a job. he is going to pick us up from the bus station. we feel pretty stoked and excited.
hopefully, we will have a phone and we will give the info asap.
misses and loves.


goodbye patagonia

well, 10 days ago we were in el calafate, since we´ve left the country and come back...
first, el calafate was a great city. we loved it. not too expensive and some good crepes. the artesanal markets were so fun and the weather wasn´t too bad. plus, the place we camped had really nice bathrooms, that´s always a good thing.
we stayed for about 3 days, visiting glacier perito moreno(pictured below). it was incredible. so huge and gorgious. it´s about 14 kilometers long! i wish i could desribe it better, but the picture will have to do. pieces kept falling off too and it make the biggest noise. it was really fun.
the next morning we left for puerto natales, chile. upon arrival we were bombarded with people we were trying to sell there hostel. it was so funny to me.
regan, decided to treat me to an actual room, with a bathroom. oh, it was so nice to not camp!
the next morning we heading back into patagonia, chile side, to torres del paine(towers of pain: sounds fun, huh?) national park. we too a boat to the first refugio. it was so fun. the water stared out this sea foamy green and then turned a dark blue, it was amazing. there were glaciers and waterfalls and huge mountains that seriously looked like nothing i have ever seen!
we arrived at about 7 and headed into the park, hiked along a beautiful lake, towards another incredible glacier and camped by a HUGE waterfall. the next day we hiked to the next refugio which left a bit to be desired so we hiked back to the first refugio and on to another campsite.
we ended up sleeping in the next day, oops, until about 11 and then from about 12 to 6. i think we were tired. with a ´wasted´ day we hiked to the next refugio, which was farther than we thought. it rained on us and i lost my hat. we were pretty unhappy. the rain didn´t let up for 2 days, so we sat in the tent and were sad. but then, the clouds lifted and we saw hints of sunshine, excited we hiked to the next campsite, only an hour away and then we hiked to the torres del paine lookout. wow. torres del paine are three huge peaks the jut out of nowhere, there is still a bit of glacier which empties into a beautiful lake at the base. it is so pretty and we had sunshine for about an hour before the clouds rolled in, but no rain!
the next day we hiked back down to town, which we allotted 6 hours for and it took 2. so we sat around for awhile until our bus came. we got back to town and went back to our hostel(yes!) and then headed to the beach. we are still on our way, with one more bus that leaves in about 1 1/2 hours(hopefully).
real quick though. i need to say something about the food here. a typical day: breakfast: orange tang, coffee or tea, bread, some bread and some bread. mmm- lunch: milanesa(breaded meat) on a sandwich with lettuce maybe and tang- dinner: steak with water or beer. no sides, no veggies, no eggs, so weird. we are ready for some good food.
the other day we went to a restaurant and thought we would share a steak and salad. the steak was tiny and the salad was tomatoes and some onions. just tomatoes. okay.

love you miss you



well. about 13 days ago we left for el chalten. we were hitch hiking and got picked up the first night, by a truck driver named jose. jose was kind of strange, a little moody. but he drove us half way there in about 10 hours. sweet. he left us in perito moreno. worst town ever. we sat on the side of the road, in front of a military academy, for 3 days! a couple people stopped. one just wanting directions. thankfully, regan finally gave in and we got a bus to el chalten. the next day we went into the moutains and began a6 day hike, mostly in the rain and cold. the first and second night we stayed at a lake below a hige glacier. once the fog lifted we could see the mountains above the glaciers and it was good. the next day we hiked for 4 hours, in crazy wind, to campamento poincenot. it was a really pretty hike, but somewhat miserable. then we went to the last campsite. it was a long and tiring hike, but well worth it. that night the clouds lifted and we had sun for the next 3 days!!! the morning after the clouds lifted we hiked to the base of mount fitz roy. there really aren´t words to express the beauty we saw and our pictures won´t do justice. we were awe struck, speechless. all around us were massive glaciers, mountains, lakes. it blew us away.
we reluctantly, hiked back to town the next two days, one of the days hiking a total of 12 hours! we left el chalten as soon as we could, as it was so expensive.
now we are in calafate. a bit of a break from trekking. we leave for chile in a few days and then hopefully, off to the beach! it´s been too cold in the mountains for me.
love you miss you.


el chelten

so much has happened since i last wrote, it seems impossible.
first we discovered that some money we put into my account from regan´s didn´t go through, but we had been spending it! we were dirt broke for a while, luckily it´s all worked out now, but for awhile we were a little scared.
then, yesterday, yesterday we tied her up outside the grocery and came out to find her gone. we looked everywhere and asked everyone. no one had seen anything. after about 30 minutes we decided she was probably long gone, so we went to get a remise home. regan asked if anyone had heard or seen anything...right then one of the drivers pulled up and said that he had just taken someone home with a little puppy. he took us way up the mountain, to an area that is nothing like the rest of town. he stopped at a house and sure enough there was the little girl.
she has worms too. so we got her some medicine and she´s been pooping them out for a day. mmm.
we are headed to el chelten next. it is about a 3 day journey.
hope you are well. miss you love you.