more things

wish i had pictures. i had a good day at the zoo today, gave a lion a vaccine. yeah, sure did. then i played with the penguins a little. good. day.


things i've learned in pueblo

1. i never want to leave regan ever again.
2. it's not easy drawing blood from a lynx.

to be continued...


delicious dinner

we've returned home from a really great trip north to minnesota. it was really fun, all of it. highlights included the cabin and lake, where we didn't sleep great, but had so much fin swimming and enjoying the boats and each other AND seeing family i haven't seen in a long time.
as always though, it was nice to return home to our sweet girls.
and we had a lovely day today.
slept in, played nintendo (one of the gifts regan got for his birthday), read, gardened, went to the park, made a great and beautiful dinner (yummy garden veggies with homemade peanut sauce),

cleaned out the cellar, posted things to sell on craigslist.
and it was good.



school's out

i am done with school, forever, if i want! it is a foreign feeling, but i like it.
we celebrated at a beautiful cabin in winter park, i'll post pictures later.
meanwhile, there have been many tornado sightings in our area, we saw one today, it was little and far away, but a bit unsettling none-the-less.
our garden is happy with all the rain too, i haven't watered in weeks!


ah, i'm almost done

so, i FINALLY got my second internship site, Northside Emergency.
i am pretty nervous about it to be honest. i really like the people though, so i am trusting they will be exited to teach me and i think i'll learn a ton. and of course i am set to go to Pueblo Zoo. i am really excited about this, it isn't a huge zoo, so there aren't a ton of exotic animals, but they do have some exciting critters , i don't even know what some of these animals are!
i am gearing up for finals tomorrow, then the big CPE and a weekend break in winter park followed by boreds and a week vacation to minnesota for my g-ma's 80th birthday! good for her, huh?
no pictures this time. i've been too busy studying.



well, i am putting off studying. i have a big CPE tomorrow morning, but i am SO tired of studying.
we planted some of our colder weather crops on sunday. they are doing great. and our mini-nursery is doing great!

pretty garden paths, Tipi's and vegetables:

sugar snap peas, the one's not in the ground:

lovely lavender, the only one to come up so far: