today was good day

i awoke at 5 am, to a snow storm, kind of. it was lovely. when i got to school at 6 it was still dark and wintery. i have the responsibility of caring for the horses at school this week. it was a nice, chilly morning to spend time with cj, scout, yogi and gypsy. it felt like i didn't even do much, got their food together, and hay, mucked a little, ran around in the snow (just for fun), swept the tack room. but it was lovely. i have to care for them every night this week and i am thrilled.
then it took me 2 hours to get home!
went back to school for a long lecture on bovine genetics, which would have been very stimulating if it weren't so boring.
then i had my first dental. it was more than exciting. i saw them intubate her, a dog. then we each got a section of the mouth to clean. i was second and had the dirtiest part, by request. it was so satisfying to drill the tartar off of her molars. oh my. i also got to clean some of her incisors and a canine. so fun. the instructors we had we really funny and made it feel so comfortable. i loved it.
it was a good day.