it's done!

i am very excited that we finally are done with this process of conversion. we've been waiting for our stop sign tank for over 3 weeks. it feels good to drive to my *far away* school and not feel so guilty.

don't the controls look like james bond or something. this picture isn't great, so just trust me. regan put in an alarm so if either of us turn the car off with veggie on it will sound and help us to remember. it is really loud, so i think i'll remember just because i would be so embarrassed if it went off. nice touch reg.

now regan wants to tint the windows and put a decal on the back windshield that says something to the effect of "fueled by veggies". i laugh.


thanksgiving pictures

i am so sad that none of the pictures of the pies turned out. but here are some of me and my crazy family.


i never know what to title these things.

we just made egg nog. i am a little worried, but i think it should be okay.

on our way home from getting our egg nog supplies we stopped at a store near our house. i think it's called Tonilla. it's about 3 people who decided they wanted to open up a shop(2 blocks from our house) for independent local and national artists to sell their art. they also sell their own stuff, mostly clothes with social commentary screen printed on it. we loved the shop. they also have an art gallery and a small stage and they are wanting to open up a coffee/study space.
we liked talking to them a lot and are excited that we are so close to them.

are there any nice boys in denver that regan would like? i feel so bad for him(he would hate it if he knew i was saying that). he just doesn't have any good friends. i think it might be my fault. nobody wants to hang out with the married guy. everyone makes comments about how once you're married you never hang out, but i didn't know it was because no one wants to hang out with you anymore. it makes me more mad than anything. i know regan is so loyal to these people and they are far from worthy.



merry thanksgiving.
i hope everyone felt thankful today. we spent the day with my parents and a lot of our greatest friends and it was fun. we had delicious food and dessert. i baked an apple pie, a pumpkin pie and 12 mini pumpkin pies. it was really fun. i referred to martha a great deal. yum! we'll be posting pictures soon of the pretty food.
we also put up christmas lights. i am SO excited. i don't remember ever having these as a kid, so now i get to experience them. yay! they look great and it makes me so happy.
now we're going to get warm in bed and watch the illutionist. we lead an extremely exciting life.


winter wonderland

it started snowing last night. we went on a hike in the snow and it was fun...


people who cry at movies

we watched ground truth last night. i cried a lot.


why are all my posts about niña?

niña had an allergic reaction last night to some unknown substance. her mouth is swollen and she's been vomiting a lot. here a picture, it's not too great, but you get the idea. so sad.
regan and i had a nice date last night. we had a delicious dinner and then went and saw the bourne ultimatum at the dollar theater, thank goodness for those places, huh? i really like all the bourne movies.
next week is thanksgiving. what's everyone doing?


give all your things away

except for your hiking gear...

anyone want a 4 month vacation? is it already monday?


bath time

i had to give nina a bath, because when we take her to the dog park she immediately gets on her back, so unlady-like. she was crazy dirty.
we went to warren miller's new film last night.
that was neat.
anyway, wanted to share cute pictures of ninners.