sad day

i have been real down lately, why? i am realizing how long regan is going to be gone and it hurts a lot.
i started my second, second job yesterday. it was alright. work is work, yes? i am trying so hard to keep a positive attitude about it. it will be so nice to send that money to my loans and not have to worry about it while i am gone. i just don't really like working in a setting where i need to be attentive to customers. is that bad?
you know that feeling where your eyelids feel heavy and burn a little? the tears are right around the corner, literally. that is how i feel.
thankfully, i have counseling next week, after a long maternity leave. i think i may just cry the whole time, that might not be bad.


cumpleaƱos felices

i was trying to say "it's your half birthday" in spanish today and kristy said, 'isn't your half birthday coming up?' why yes, in fact it is today. how weird and fun!
happy birthday to me.


bees and sore bodies

well, just one body and one bee, maybe even a wasp! i worked at my parents house today doing their landscaping(i use the term landscaping loosely). my body hurts so bad now AND i got stung by a bee! on my face! ohmygosh.
does anybody know how to find an ACCURATE map of the world on the internet? or does any know about time zones?
send me get well presents.


did you know?

The distance between Denver, CO and Buenos Aires, Argentina is 5938.0 miles(9556.0 km).

whoa, talk about long distance. so sad.


who have i become?

i sent my first text message today. it felt weird and somewhat liberating. i got home from a normal dinner at my parents(for the record, normal for us is not normal for most people) and looked at my phone. it said i had two messages. this was weird because my friend, alicia, had sent me a message earlier. the messages were both from this strange long number, so without even looking at the message i deleted it. then i realized it was a number from argentina. ha. i got the second one: short, but sweet and decided, why not. i am going to send my first ever text message. how much do you think that costs to send one to argentina? anyway, it was well worth it. oddly enough, afterward i had an urge to call regan(he got a cell phone, so i can call when ever i want). i asked what the other message was and it was to call him. coincidence. probably. anyway, our conversation was short. he is on a bus ride, as i type, to the iguazu falls, one of the wonders of the worlds. how many are there?
what is the criteria to be a wonder of the world?
do you think less of me?


most of the time, the best things hurt the worst

this is a picture of the lovely regan and me at the des moines airport. i miss him A LOT.