it is finals week, or three days or in my case, two days. anyway, i have finals. i haven't really studied either and all i want to do is stuff i shouldn't. plus, i have a killer headache and it is supposed to be 60 degrees and it's not. i just want these dumb tests to be over.
on a happier note, reg and i went to boulder on sunday to see over the rhine and bodeans, who were great. it was a taping for the radio show e town. so the bands would play a few songs and then do a little interview and then an author would come out...it was really fun.
the author was doug fine, he wrote 'farewell, my subaru'. the book sounds interesting.
also, watched brother's keeper the other night and cried a lot, bit i loved it. especially john. we also watched dan in real life and i hated it, regan did too. stupid movie.
oh yeah, my birthday is coming up , what are you going to get me?


the elderly

i have been thinking about old people a lot lately. on thursday, in class, we talked about euthanasia for 2 hours, ugh. not euthanasia of the elderly, mind you, but of animals. a tiny bit depressing. but in the midst, we talked about older people losing their pets. we did an exercise where we wrote down 5 things that were important to us: regan, family, nina, friends, school. then we were asked to get rid of one: school. then our neighbor was told to get rid of one for us, my neighbor took regan, ugh. anyway, point being: sometimes, the only one left in an older persons "5" is their pet. when they lose an animal, it may have been the only thing they have. depressing. then, today it was like old people's day out. THEN regan came home and told me extremely endearing and hilarious stories of the people he is working with at the nursing home. ohmygoodness, a women tried to grab regan's privates. hahahahaha. okay, old peeps. gotta love 'em,