...and we're engaged

i cannot even remember what i wrote last time, but we are in bariloche right now. it is absolutely beautiful. we've been taking it ridiculously easy because we just got back from an intense 4 day hike. it was fantastic, not only because regan asked me to marry him(i said yes). we hiked up snowy mountains and through raging waters and rocky peaks. it was probably a really good metaphor for marriage.
we have really seen god in the past few weeks. it truly amazes me how god keeps showing up even though i fail to show up.
we are still discussing when we will get married, but i assure you that we will inform everyone as soon as we know.
we love you all and really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


nuestros viaje

I have to tell everyone this great story:

yesterday when Regan and I arrived in Mendoza we called a the son of my mothers coworker. We asked if we could stay with him, as unopposing as possibly. He works for some oil thing and was leaving town last night, but felt so bad that he could not accomodate us that he paid for three nights in a hostel for us. yay! He picked us up from the bus station and took us to the hostel. It was a great example of hospitality.
Tomorrow we are going climbing with a man from here, Monday we are going on a bicycle tour of the vineyards...then to Bariloche.
loves and misses.



We surrived a freezing, 14 hour bus trip last night to mendoza. Now we are here and trying to find a place to lay our heads.
love you all.



i am sure you can assume that i made it safely to buenos aires.
as we were descending into the city, i felt a strange calm and peace. it felt like all of a sudden god had really given me a heart for this, more than just excitement to be with regan.
anyway, things are good, not a ton to report yet. it just feels good to be here.

love to you all.