ah, i'm almost done

so, i FINALLY got my second internship site, Northside Emergency.
i am pretty nervous about it to be honest. i really like the people though, so i am trusting they will be exited to teach me and i think i'll learn a ton. and of course i am set to go to Pueblo Zoo. i am really excited about this, it isn't a huge zoo, so there aren't a ton of exotic animals, but they do have some exciting critters , i don't even know what some of these animals are!
i am gearing up for finals tomorrow, then the big CPE and a weekend break in winter park followed by boreds and a week vacation to minnesota for my g-ma's 80th birthday! good for her, huh?
no pictures this time. i've been too busy studying.

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emilyjane. said...

wow that's so exciting!! congratulations and good luck on your finals!