pink and smelly

has anyone ever felt erased? it is a weird feeling and devastatingly lonely. your name is gone, your pictures. hopefully not your memory, but you cannot really be sure who is holding on to that, if anyone is. i beg that someone will. just don't forget me, not yet, not until i can fix things.
i got a house. for those of you who know the area, it is on 20th and emerson. it is a fantastic neighborhood. apparently, the house is incredible. oh, i haven't seen it. am i crazy? don't worry, i will be holding a house-warming party and of course, you will be invited. i am excited and a little nervous. i will be living with one of my oldest and greatest friends, one of his friends and someone else that no one really knows. i can't wait!
i also got a job nannying. yay! this kid, jeb, is so cute. it makes me feel maternal. don't worry.
AND i am taking a trip out east and wouldn't mind riders. so far i have one for sure. i am very excited for this, i miss my sis terribly and i miss philadelphia. i miss the neighborhoods and the trees and the bicycles and the friends. that one i miss the most.
this weekend has been so dramatic. honestly, i am usually a drama free person, but my god, it's one thing after another these days. okay, actually, just last night and today. whoa.
though i fail miserably i am trying, please, you should also try.

oh yeah, and i miss the philadelphia art museum.


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