6 months

does anyone read this? i do, i guess.
it has been an amazing 6 months, that may be why i have been so quiet. just no time. that and no computer. this is what has happened:
i moved to denver, into a beautiful house. i am still nannying and liking it somewhat.
i have met some wonderful people since moving to denver. surprisingly enough. one of whom, the most notable, is regan foster. we met in mid january and have inseparable ever since. well, until now. he just moved to argentina for a year. so sad. but don't worry. i am moving down there too! most likely in december, if all goes according to plan. i am really excited to experience a new culture by living in it. and i am really excited to see regan.
i get accepted to the best vet tech school in the country.
i am sure there are other things, but i need to clean my living quarters.

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adia said...

i read it... but it's been FOREVER since you've writen so i kinda gave up. luckly i'm board and was going thru my "friends blogs" to see if anyone posted anything new... low and behold here you are!!

welcome back Libby Lou!