who have i become?

i sent my first text message today. it felt weird and somewhat liberating. i got home from a normal dinner at my parents(for the record, normal for us is not normal for most people) and looked at my phone. it said i had two messages. this was weird because my friend, alicia, had sent me a message earlier. the messages were both from this strange long number, so without even looking at the message i deleted it. then i realized it was a number from argentina. ha. i got the second one: short, but sweet and decided, why not. i am going to send my first ever text message. how much do you think that costs to send one to argentina? anyway, it was well worth it. oddly enough, afterward i had an urge to call regan(he got a cell phone, so i can call when ever i want). i asked what the other message was and it was to call him. coincidence. probably. anyway, our conversation was short. he is on a bus ride, as i type, to the iguazu falls, one of the wonders of the worlds. how many are there?
what is the criteria to be a wonder of the world?
do you think less of me?

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