i am sure you can assume that i made it safely to buenos aires.
as we were descending into the city, i felt a strange calm and peace. it felt like all of a sudden god had really given me a heart for this, more than just excitement to be with regan.
anyway, things are good, not a ton to report yet. it just feels good to be here.

love to you all.


Chris Haw said...

please post pictures soon and tell us what it's like.

andrea said...

yo bra,
since you are going south of the equator could you do me a big favor and spin around in a little circle with your arms out when you land with your feet on the ground in the middle of a field somewhere. and then put your hands in the earth after spinning for some time with both eyes open and then closed (feel free to cheer or sing). but make sure that you let me know when you are going to be doing it EST (eastern standard time) so i can judge if it actually does effect the magnetic flux density of the earth's gravitational fields.
luv ya lots,