we made it east after a couple days in iowa and a couple days in chicago. it was a long drive, 4 of us in the truck for 14 hours. we all slept pretty good the day we got in. it's been somewhat cold here, i am dreaming of warm summer weather.
we are heading to nyc(regan's never been) tomorrow. then back to iowa. and finally home...we found a house, though no jobs yet. we love our house and are excited to move in and be settled in the states.
we'll send out the address when i remember it.
new numbers:
regan 303 8888552
libby 303 8882420


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Anonymous said...

Hey, Lib and Regan!
How's the truck running? Fred was asking if I knew anything...
When are you coming home? Excited to see your house!! Don't hurry back too soon tho - it's SNOWING here today! It's supposed to be gone tomorrow afternoon.
Love ya!! Wendy