it's done!

i am very excited that we finally are done with this process of conversion. we've been waiting for our stop sign tank for over 3 weeks. it feels good to drive to my *far away* school and not feel so guilty.

don't the controls look like james bond or something. this picture isn't great, so just trust me. regan put in an alarm so if either of us turn the car off with veggie on it will sound and help us to remember. it is really loud, so i think i'll remember just because i would be so embarrassed if it went off. nice touch reg.

now regan wants to tint the windows and put a decal on the back windshield that says something to the effect of "fueled by veggies". i laugh.

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adiaspeer said...

hey girl,

whats your new address!? oh and you last name too :o)

love ya!