so many things going on.
first off, i am sick. it is miserable. it's not just a cold, but i think it's just a cold, if that makes sense. i was in bed all weekend and missed a class on monday and work today. ugh. i am taking a lot of hot baths with epsom salt and drinking a lot of naked juice and taking a lot of airborne. i've also been watching a lot of lost online, regan's been helping with this one!
regan's been training a ton for his race next fall. he's crazy. today he climbed and ran, yesterday he ran in a snow storm, he's been swimming. i wish i could join him, but i don't feel good and i think i would weigh him down. i am proud of him though.
he also started school on monday for his CNA. he's gotten A's on 3 quizzes.
my quarter is almost over, yay! it feels so good to get them done. i think i am going to start volunteering at DDFL . it's not my first choice, but it is so close to school and i can go in between classes. plus, it will be good experience "working" at a non-profit.
okay, on to more exciting things: we recently found out regan has Lyme Disease. it is good because now we feel like we have an answer to why he is always in so much pain and why he is always so tired. oh, and it is transmitted sexually. sweet. i was also tested and have the virus, but am asyptomatic, for now.

last but not least: a picture from school.

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