it is finals week, or three days or in my case, two days. anyway, i have finals. i haven't really studied either and all i want to do is stuff i shouldn't. plus, i have a killer headache and it is supposed to be 60 degrees and it's not. i just want these dumb tests to be over.
on a happier note, reg and i went to boulder on sunday to see over the rhine and bodeans, who were great. it was a taping for the radio show e town. so the bands would play a few songs and then do a little interview and then an author would come out...it was really fun.
the author was doug fine, he wrote 'farewell, my subaru'. the book sounds interesting.
also, watched brother's keeper the other night and cried a lot, bit i loved it. especially john. we also watched dan in real life and i hated it, regan did too. stupid movie.
oh yeah, my birthday is coming up , what are you going to get me?


adiaspeer said...

yea for Brothers Keeper! isn't it nuts? i love those boys!!

emilyjane. said...

oh man, i can't beleive you've already been married for over a year!! how fun. except for the isolation i guess ( sorry i'm just responding to everything i read that i didn't read or respond to before)
I'm also in a state of isolation, in seoul, korea. sweet.
my blog is www.emilyblogsnowtoo.blogspot.com so you can read mine and i can read yours, and we'll read each others.

Celulite said...
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wclark said...

My little Libby,
I forgot about your blog but ran into it going through old emails. Glad you're keeping it up! I'm thinking and praying for you LOTS these days - how's school going?
I love you so much!!