study study run study

i swear, all i do is study. ugh. i am really sick of learning about mold and bacteria and viruses. i think someday i will be happy that i did, but right now, i am ready for my break.
regan ran a marathon relay a couple weekends ago. he did SO good. here is a great picture of him.

my mom is having a garage sale this weekend, i am excited about that. i like those things.

oh, the people yelling outside of my bedroom window just reminded me: the other day jerry (one of our homeless neighbors) invited himself to dinner. haha. it is humerus, among other things. he insisted i look him up on the internet, unfortunately he was nowhere to be found on the world wide web. then he told us his life story, including lying about his age twice and just being dramatic. NiƱa growled at him the whole time, that too was a bit funny. until he said he was going to shoot her, not funny then. i scolded him. it may be stereotypical, but i must say, at least about jerry, that i don't think he would be as good a homeless guy if he wasn't such a drama queen. by the way, he is homeless by choice, at least that's what he said. but there really is soooo much drama with all of the people who hang out between 38th and 37th and lipan and mariposa. anyway...jerry.

i am tired and itching to get away. regan wants to go to nicaragua this september to build a generator that runs on palm oil for a school that uses a generator that runs on diesel, but cannot afford diesel. that sounds fun. a romantic getaway for regan, myself and kirby. anyone else want to come?


cassie haw said...

yay! you posted! regan looks great running - it probably helps to use up all his energy. i'm excited to see you in 3 weeks!

adiaspeer said...

hmmm you are totally right (of course) i really should research that method of transportation. and you should blog about it.

oh and that is a really great picture of Regan!