well, i feel like an adult now. we'll see how long that lasts.
i had a great couple days. wednesday night regan took me to black hawk to risk some money and see if we would come out on top. well, we did. we spent about 40 dollars total and won 60$. we spent the night up there and had so much fun. i was carded every 30 seconds, i started calling regan pops. we came down on thursday and cleaned out the cellar, not many people's idea of a fun birthday, but i liked it! then went to my mom's where she cooked indian food and gave me a wonderful sewing machine. i will post pictures when i set it up later.
it was a nice break from the pain and sadness this time of year will forever bring. surprisingly enough i wasn't reminded that my dad wasn't here to see me turn 25. i focused on who was here and how blessed i am with such a beautiful family. though, as i do every single day, i missed him dearly.
tonight i made reservations at my favorite sushi restaurant, Sonoda's, for 12 of my "closest" friends. 
it was a good celebration of my birthday and in a few days i get to celebrate it again on the east coast with cassie and chris. 

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