it's been a while

i know i missed last week and definitely heard about it! sorry. it's hard to make myself sit at the computer when there are so many other things i want to be doing.
things are good. i am learning a lot and stretching a lot. plus, my body is really sore.
milking is going good. there is always something crazy happening with those girls. i love them.
this week we're getting all new chickens so we've been cleaning out the chicken house. gross. those animals are really disgusting. they smell so bad!
we are also harvesting some pigs on friday. i am really nervous about that, but i think it'll be a good experience.
i've been eating meat, which is weird and good. it's nice to know where all the meat i eat comes from. it's also fun to milk and that night drink the milk...it's a nice cycle.
my birthday is coming up *cough, cough* i think we are going contra dancing, that should be interested. one of the boys, seth, bought me a ticket to psychograss for thursday night at the boulder theater. that should be fun too.

i need to go eat. i love you all. come visit.


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