death and life

i have been here for 25 days and i feel good. i have seen the cycles of life and death, it is refreshing and sad and energizing.
a day before my brithday two calves were born. yay! one of them i got to carry right after the birth, so for the majority of the day i wore a hoodie covered in afterbirth. i know it sounds kind of disgusting, but really it was amazing. to see a huge animal, who was also small, come from a larger animal and then to be able to hold him(xtreme lee)...i mean, i am basically a veternarian now. pretty much.
but of course, when there is life there is also death and one usually follows the other. today i found one of our chickens dead. it is most definitely a part of life on a farm, life anywhere, but it is a little disheartening. i hope she didn't suffer, i hope it was quick.
there is of course the birthing of a lifestyle and ideas and the death of a lifestyle and some ideas. there is the beginning of friendships and, unfortunately, the end of friendships. it really is all a part of the cycle and it is beautiful and ugly, joyous and painful. but without the death, life would never be as sweet.
it snowed today, a lot. usually, in late march, i would be devistated. but because my work, grocery and friends all are within a 3 minute walk from me it was more pretty than devistating.
plus, with the exception of a few hours, i got to sit in a warm house all day talking with my friend(and eating some candy, mmm).
all of the cards and packages i got for my birthday were wonderful. thank you all, i felt very blessed.
oh and!! my address is wrong in the previous post. sorry. the corrected address is:
5943 north county road 29
loveland, co 80538
i won't write it here, because it will take up too much room, but read kahlil gibran's essay on work. it makes it better to wake up at 4:20 to milk or to go feed the calves in the snow.
love isn't easy, but well worth it.

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