potato day

we planted potatoes today. 15 rows, 19 third and fourth graders. it was fun.
things have been picking up here. the springs call for all the new life. it has been exciting and tiring.
we have a new calf and two new lambs. they are all precious, but especially the lambs. they are tiny! and about 2 days old.
we have been enjoying our first harvest of asparagus and spinach lately. mmm, it's all been so good.

my new roommate got here last week and, if i haven't already said, i moved into the yurt. it's been a good transition. i am really enjoying both rebecca and our living space.

i hurt my hand yesterday...real bad. it's wrapped up pretty good, but real hard to use. i hope it's not broken!

love each other.


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Emily said...

Libby i love you!!! I'm coming to denver in about two weeks, so expect me to come visit soon after that!

Have a great day, everything sounds so wonderful!!