first day of the season

well, today it started. the season, that is. it was wonderful.
what with the time change and all it was a little hard to wake up this morning, but at about 4:45 i told myself i was being ridiculous and made myself get out of bed. it stayed dark until about 7! after milking we all had breakfast together, even piper(the goat). then i helped steve with some chores, alicia with some 'crap piles' (piles of crap that needed to be removed), covered some crops with this white fabric, put out some irrigation pipes, took a lunch break, seeded, did some laundry, climbed a tree. yay, it was a good day.
two new interns arrived yesterday, mark and val. they are really nice and seem to be expecting good community, that makes me excited.
like i said before: we seeded a little outside today, i got a better grasp at how large our property really is...it's big. we planted peas and although it was a bit of a struggle(we started to use the wrong type of seeds, then they wouldn't come out of the seeder), it was really fun.
it was a beautiful day, sunny and windy. now, though, it looks like rain. the sky is a wonderful blue, the clouds are moving in and the sun is hiding away.
now that we've officially started the season and we're on more of a schedule, i have to make breakfast once a week-ish. anyone have favorite breakfast recipes?
keep the letters coming, the packages coming, the love forever.
you are great.

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Tatiana said...

I got a link to your blog off of Chris'... I am glad to have found it and get to read about all the things you are experiencing! It sounds beautiful. Thank you for sharing. : )