66 days

i have concluded that this blog is really for me and josh(hi josh, how are you?) and that is okay.
i am leaving in 66 days and i am excited. really. and i am terrified. i am overwhelmed at how happy i am to be seeing regan in 9.5 weeks. wow! it makes me feel peaceful. it is weird, but i like it.
i only have 7 more weekends to work at Marczyck's. yay! this is crazy. is this crazy?
there is so much i need to do.
1)get all of my hiking/camping gear
2)purchase ticket(i have one holding that is 874$)
3)get my cell phone stuff in order
4)learn spanish
5)figure out all of my loan stuff
6)make some serious money
7)et cetera

stressed and a little anxious.

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adia said...

i'm here too!!

-while you're at it, make me some serious money too okay??!