matter: land

"Many monogamous relationships split up because one or both partners expect the other to meet the intimacy needs that only a love affair with a larger Reality can fulfill. They think something is wrong with the relationship when, in reality, Nature has programmed all relationships to fail whenever we absurdly demand that they provide us with total satisfaction. Experiencing cracks in even the most fulfilling of human relationships appears to be the only way that the universe can get us to open oursleves to the possiblity of a larger love affair. Unfortunately, many in our time never learn this lesson. When problems arise within the primary relationship, we look for another human being as a replacement, rather than seek a deeper relationship with the greater Whole. " -An Erotics if Place by Stephen Hatch

"It's not about stripping down for others to see. It's simply a way to experience a moment within your fullest capabilities. It's about embracing your spirit and your body and taking that acceptance one step further in order to get to where we belong--in the environment, not separated from it...nothing can compare to being outside and being naked. All the senses are heightened, and I mean all of them. Every movement and function and circumstance is raw, and you are aware of each one specifically. " -Exposure by Laura Katers

two excerpts from two essays i read tonight in the Matter Journal.

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