13 days

i am just about at 13 days until i see regan, 12 days until i leave.
i just got back into denver from philly/camden. oh my goodness. it was so nice to be there, with everyone. it really just felt good to be among friends, in the city of brotherly love again. i did so many fun things.
ate lots of yummy food at my old favorite restaurants and some new ones, walked on the beach, had really good girl talk, hung out with cutey-cuter kindergartners. i laughed ALOT, watched a lifetime movie(why i wore lipstick to my mastectomy), went to a wedding, and i laughed some more.
oh, it was so fun. thank you to everyone who made me remember my home in philly/camden. i love you all so, so much.

oh and happy halloween.


Chris Haw said...

you are leaving in the morning! i know i will be very sad at christmas... but right now i'm excited for you. take lots of pictures! buy me pretty things. :)
love you, cass

Chris Klopp said...

Hey, Libby:

We miss you, and we wish we could have spent more time in Philly hanging out with you. Hope your trip is awesome. Maybe sometime we can hang out again and door some bikers.

Take care and be well.

Love, Chris and Keziah (and Milo)

P.S. Thanks for the wonderful card for Milo's birth.

Wendy said...

Drat - I just got this and didn't have the chance to tell you goodbye! Anyway, I love you and will miss you, I promise to pray for you (I already have been, for years!!), and I really look ofrward to hearing about all God will do in and through you as you venture out in faith!!
I love you, my little Libby!!