friends, surf, sea lions

we are still at the beach, enjoying the mostly sunny days. our friends, who just climbed aconcagua(i tried to include a picture), sonny and bryce, are here to visit us and relax a little. it has been fun having the company. they will be leaving in a few days, though.
the boys rented surf boards yesterday, but the waves were so bad they we only in the water for about 1 hour. nobody surfed. it was really funny to watch though!
the other day we went to a port in mar del plata and saw where all of the sea lions rest. it smelled horrible. gagging horrible, but it was so fun to see them all lying around. they are so strange and interesting. and they make really funny noises. we got about 2 feet from them, guarded by a fence, because they are a bit dangerous.
we miss you all dearly.

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henry said...

guys i just looked at the 2nd album. holy crap. that was amazing. and regan, another raft! nice!