santa clara

we made it to the beach! we got to mar del plata and julio picked us up from the bus station. we went back to his house and realized that him finding us a house for 500 pesos was wishful thinking. mar del plata is HUGE and expensive. we stayed for two days and looked for a house, but nothing came up. while we were there though, we hung out with julio and andrea and their great kids lele and baba(nicknames). they practiced their english and i my spanish. they were so great. made us dinner, let us do laundry and camp in their yard. we used their shower and internet.
we decided to move on though, about 15 km north to santa clara. it is much smaller and a bit cheaper. we spent our first day looking for places to live. and finally, by chance, we found an apartment 3 blocks from the beach. it is small, but nice and from the back balcony we can see the ocean!!
the next day we spent on the beach. now we are both red. regan more than i. plus, he is a little sick:( so we are taking a break from the fun in the sun and seeing a movie today.
miss you love you
oh, and we have an address, but i forgot to bring it. keep your eyes out and write your letters.

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