merry christmas new jersey

this is crazy:
Lawmakers in the US state of New Jersey have approved a bill abolishing the death penalty.
The move would make New Jersey the first US state to abolish capital punishment since the US Supreme Court reinstated executions in 1976.
i feel like this is a huge step in the right direction. this makes me unbelievably happy. good for you peeps.

in other news:
it's supposed to get to 5 below tonight. burr. and we were going to zoo lights. maybe not anymore.

regan and i had our 1 year anniversary on tuesday. regan surprised me with tickets to disney on ice, princess wishes. it was hilarious and really fun. he didn't realize it was princess wishes until after the tickets were bought. needless to say, we both felt like princesses that night.

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adiaspeer said...

haha i laughed... shes been naping more these last few days. i can't wait till you're a mom :o)

yea for NJ!