winter waitingland

i used my hot glue gun today. oh boy was it fun.
today regan and i had plans to go swimming, but his friend, brian, called and told us he has reservations at a very expensive restaurant in the foothills for tonight and couldn't make them. he said that he wanted to treat us to dinner. we excepted, regan more forwardly than i, and had a wonderful dinner from a wonderful friend at a restaurant we would have never been able to afford. so nice. i hope everyone has friends like brian.
today i feel in a state of waiting. yesterday too. i am not sure if it's bad, but i think that if one is to ever be in a state of waiting this is the best time.
i am also really cold. burr.
i miss my east coast life.
i don't like denver anymore. sometimes.

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adiaspeer said...

hey! thanks for the book, it's great. perfect for winter. i love it when you get us books :o)