cabanas del arroyo

we went to the beach, for a day. it was really nice and warm and we swam...the water was absolutely disgusting, so we didnt stay long, but it was fun watching all of the little kids run around. regan happened to leave his bathing suit in bariloche, so he hung out at the beach in his underwear. if you dont know regan he wears bikini style underwear and let me tell you it is a sight to see. everyone on the beach was laughing and pointing and whistling, it was then i realized that my life would be like this now, everyone whistling at my husband. sweet.
we left the beach to pick up the things we left in esquel and bariloche. we arrived in bariloche and called the cabanas that we had stayed in before. they were full, but felt bad so they let us stay in their house, free, as a gift. we hung out with our friend seth and now are heading back to the beach, mar del plata.
the man at the cabanas knows someone who builds houses there and he said he could find us a house for about 500 pesos a month and regan a job. he is going to pick us up from the bus station. we feel pretty stoked and excited.
hopefully, we will have a phone and we will give the info asap.
misses and loves.


Henry said...

oh libby. poor poor libby. i know how it goes traveling with that regan. Those disco briefs are hideous. I think it would actually be less embarrassing if he were naked. Its the kind of image that eats at your soul.

we miss you guys. cant wait to live in denver together. talk to you soon. cuidate.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - what a picture you painted!! The thought of some crazy gringo on the beach in his undies...I laughed till I cried!

I miss you both - be safe, love each other, and come home soon!!