well. about 13 days ago we left for el chalten. we were hitch hiking and got picked up the first night, by a truck driver named jose. jose was kind of strange, a little moody. but he drove us half way there in about 10 hours. sweet. he left us in perito moreno. worst town ever. we sat on the side of the road, in front of a military academy, for 3 days! a couple people stopped. one just wanting directions. thankfully, regan finally gave in and we got a bus to el chalten. the next day we went into the moutains and began a6 day hike, mostly in the rain and cold. the first and second night we stayed at a lake below a hige glacier. once the fog lifted we could see the mountains above the glaciers and it was good. the next day we hiked for 4 hours, in crazy wind, to campamento poincenot. it was a really pretty hike, but somewhat miserable. then we went to the last campsite. it was a long and tiring hike, but well worth it. that night the clouds lifted and we had sun for the next 3 days!!! the morning after the clouds lifted we hiked to the base of mount fitz roy. there really aren´t words to express the beauty we saw and our pictures won´t do justice. we were awe struck, speechless. all around us were massive glaciers, mountains, lakes. it blew us away.
we reluctantly, hiked back to town the next two days, one of the days hiking a total of 12 hours! we left el chalten as soon as we could, as it was so expensive.
now we are in calafate. a bit of a break from trekking. we leave for chile in a few days and then hopefully, off to the beach! it´s been too cold in the mountains for me.
love you miss you.

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