goodbye patagonia

well, 10 days ago we were in el calafate, since we´ve left the country and come back...
first, el calafate was a great city. we loved it. not too expensive and some good crepes. the artesanal markets were so fun and the weather wasn´t too bad. plus, the place we camped had really nice bathrooms, that´s always a good thing.
we stayed for about 3 days, visiting glacier perito moreno(pictured below). it was incredible. so huge and gorgious. it´s about 14 kilometers long! i wish i could desribe it better, but the picture will have to do. pieces kept falling off too and it make the biggest noise. it was really fun.
the next morning we left for puerto natales, chile. upon arrival we were bombarded with people we were trying to sell there hostel. it was so funny to me.
regan, decided to treat me to an actual room, with a bathroom. oh, it was so nice to not camp!
the next morning we heading back into patagonia, chile side, to torres del paine(towers of pain: sounds fun, huh?) national park. we too a boat to the first refugio. it was so fun. the water stared out this sea foamy green and then turned a dark blue, it was amazing. there were glaciers and waterfalls and huge mountains that seriously looked like nothing i have ever seen!
we arrived at about 7 and headed into the park, hiked along a beautiful lake, towards another incredible glacier and camped by a HUGE waterfall. the next day we hiked to the next refugio which left a bit to be desired so we hiked back to the first refugio and on to another campsite.
we ended up sleeping in the next day, oops, until about 11 and then from about 12 to 6. i think we were tired. with a ´wasted´ day we hiked to the next refugio, which was farther than we thought. it rained on us and i lost my hat. we were pretty unhappy. the rain didn´t let up for 2 days, so we sat in the tent and were sad. but then, the clouds lifted and we saw hints of sunshine, excited we hiked to the next campsite, only an hour away and then we hiked to the torres del paine lookout. wow. torres del paine are three huge peaks the jut out of nowhere, there is still a bit of glacier which empties into a beautiful lake at the base. it is so pretty and we had sunshine for about an hour before the clouds rolled in, but no rain!
the next day we hiked back down to town, which we allotted 6 hours for and it took 2. so we sat around for awhile until our bus came. we got back to town and went back to our hostel(yes!) and then headed to the beach. we are still on our way, with one more bus that leaves in about 1 1/2 hours(hopefully).
real quick though. i need to say something about the food here. a typical day: breakfast: orange tang, coffee or tea, bread, some bread and some bread. mmm- lunch: milanesa(breaded meat) on a sandwich with lettuce maybe and tang- dinner: steak with water or beer. no sides, no veggies, no eggs, so weird. we are ready for some good food.
the other day we went to a restaurant and thought we would share a steak and salad. the steak was tiny and the salad was tomatoes and some onions. just tomatoes. okay.

love you miss you

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