el chelten

so much has happened since i last wrote, it seems impossible.
first we discovered that some money we put into my account from regan´s didn´t go through, but we had been spending it! we were dirt broke for a while, luckily it´s all worked out now, but for awhile we were a little scared.
then, yesterday, yesterday we tied her up outside the grocery and came out to find her gone. we looked everywhere and asked everyone. no one had seen anything. after about 30 minutes we decided she was probably long gone, so we went to get a remise home. regan asked if anyone had heard or seen anything...right then one of the drivers pulled up and said that he had just taken someone home with a little puppy. he took us way up the mountain, to an area that is nothing like the rest of town. he stopped at a house and sure enough there was the little girl.
she has worms too. so we got her some medicine and she´s been pooping them out for a day. mmm.
we are headed to el chelten next. it is about a 3 day journey.
hope you are well. miss you love you.

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