laguna ilon

we just got back from national park trenador. we hiked up to (basically) the base of an incredible glacier. it was huge and fell continuously so it sounded like thunder. the hike wasn´t horrible, but we couldn´t tell where the refugio was until we were right up to it. we kept thinking, "how long is this hike?" it was pretty funny when we saw the refugio.
we stayed up there for a night and then hiked down to do another hike to a lake, but we got miserably lost. we ended up on these narrow horse trails, muddy and exhausted. the nest day we tried again and it was well worth it. we hiked up to laguna ilon. it was so beautiful. we camped on the beach, jumped into the freezing water(regan was scared to), made a raft, killed a lot of deer flies.
the hike up to laguna ilon was intense the first part was straight up a mountain. no switchbacks. but halfway through the hike we got to a forest. it was so pretty. and peaceful. the funny thing was in orfer to find the trail we had to follow this group who had a guide(there were no signs marking the trail at all). once the trail was easy to follow, about every 20m there was a sign. ha, thanks.
now we are back in bariloche, staying at a friends house. we are going to eat tacos tonight and have a nintendo competition. sweet.
love to you all.

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ryan said...


congratulations to you both! we got your postcard yesterday and were so blessed by your news. thanks for thinking of us, to send it (the postcard is now on our fridge), and your wishes for Kait in pregnancy ...

well, Oliver Job was born on November 28! i didn't know you had internet or i'd have emailed you by now. he weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 19.5 in long.

we had been planning a natural childbirth, but at the last minute discovered, even though two doctors had said to the contrary, that our son was Frank breech (butt first) and hadn't dropped, and Kaitlin was developing a serious case of toxemia, so we had to have an emergency C-section. it was a huge shock and complete gear shift for us, one that will take some time to get over emotionally, but we are thankful they are both safe and healthy. Kait is recovering at a phenomenal pace, and Oliver is growing and developing ahead of the average. he is just beautiful, too. i've got pics!(http://photos.yahoo.com/daughter_said/) i update the album every three or so days.

i hope you and Regan had an awesome Nintendo competition (what game? we've been playing a lot of Tetris on the original NES lately) and are surrounded by love. it sounds as though you are quite so. please be in touch soon, if just to say hello. in the meantime i'll be keeping track of your adventures here.

peace and joy,