el bolson

i don´t even remember three days ago when i posted last.
we have been in el bolson for three days and have one more night. we are staying in the woods in a cute little house that holds about 8 people. we are just about full to capacity right now. it is cold and wet, but it is beatiful. it snowed in the mountains last night. what happened to summer? tomorrow we leave for another hike, we will be gone for about 4 days and then back to spend christmas, hopefully by some phones so we can at least talk to the fam.
regan lost his atm card, through that we´ve realized that we have a lot less money than we assumed. so now starts our budget. this means no more ice cream and lots more camping. we are also hoping to find a farm soon...
stop reading my blog entries and come and visit.
love to you all.

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