merry christmas

regan and i were just talking about how it´s so strange that there is so much preparation for christmas day and it is over in 24 hours. i hope your 24 hours were wonderful.
since everything was closed here, we hung out in the cabin watching movies, eating food, playing with our new puppy, milagros, having a water fight. it was great, but not like christmas.
we are heading up to the mountains again today. we´ll probably be gone for about 5 days. we are going to los alerces, which is supposed to be one the highlights here. i am excited, except that it is rainy and i just want to lay in bed...
late last night we were cooking for the week . while we were waiting for the water to boil i was finishing off the stuffing that we made for christmas. i was eating out of a huge pot, meanwhile regan was on the kitchen floor doing push-ups. haaa. i thought that was a pretty good description of us, me eating, regan working out.
oh, and our puppy. while we were in el bolson we stopped at a feria. someone had dropped off a box of about5 puppies. regan begged for one and i said it was a bad idea. but we decided the puppy would die in the park, so we took one in hopes to find a home for her. now, regan is up at least once a night taking mila out to pee. she´s sweet and ornery. the ve t sai she was some sort of a german shepherd mut. maybe you all will get to meet her in 5 months!
i finally talked regan into getting a website for our pictures. we are having a hard time getting the pictures from the camera to the computer. it is so slow, but we hae about 30 pictures posted. the website url is: libbyandregan.shutterfly.com
love you all


Cassie said...

it was really nice to see you and where you are. keep the pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great its great to see where you are. Libby get off that big rock, it looks dangerous. mom