hielo azul

we just returned to el bolson from 4 days of camping, hiking, laughing. we went with two friends we met here and it was so nice. it was nice to see someone elses face other than regan´s.
it rained the first day, we arrived at the refugio soaking wet. we decided to warm by the fire for another day, but when we left the next day it was snowing. it was actually quite magical...walking in the forest, watching the snow, it reminded me of being a kid.
the next refugio was beautiful. they had a garden and sheep and horses. it was so fun. about 10 minutes from the refugio on the hike there is a huge canyon, with a raging river of the most amazing blue water. i wish i could explain this water to you. oh, it was incredible.
not sure where to next. we are probably going to celebrate christmas with our new friends, somewhere.
hope the holidays are wonderfully celebratory for you.
miss you love you

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