6 days later

i cannot believe it is already december! no white christmas for us unfortnately.
we just got home from a 2 day hike-turned to a 5 day hike. it was incredible. we hiked through a beautiful forest with a raging river, that i almost fell into. there were gorgeous waterfalls, pretty little birds, amazing sunrises. it was by far the prettiest and sketchiest hikes i´ve been on. we spent two full days on the beautiful lago negra, i just can´t explain the beauty.
i wish i could recap all of the hilarious things that happened, but that would mean i would have to bring a tape recorder. i do have one funny story, but it is a little gross, so brace yourself.
the last hike we did, we had stopped at the second refugio, jakob. regan had been there about a week earlier, when the bathrooms weren´t in service. this was fine for me, i didn´t even think they would have bathrooms!
we had just finished lunch and i had to go to the bathroom SO bad. it was an emergency. i coulsn´t even wait to clean up! i ran to the nearest rock, i couldn´t even make it far enough to get away from people who would be weird enough to want to see me poo(i don´t think anyone did). i was just about to finish and regan comes running out of the refugio, laughing. he sees me and the amount that i pooed and loses it even more. through his laughs and tears he tells me the bathrooms are working. ha, funny. he had been talking to the man who worked there and the man said the bathrooms were working, all regan said was shoot and ran out of there. everyone was laughing. hahahaha, so funny.
love you all.

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